Allen W. Ross

As a former municipal court judge of 20 years, Allen W. Ross has tried to completion in excess of 5,000 bench trials and more than 2,500 jury trials all related to traffic tickets or Class "C" misdemeanor offenses.

Allen understands the importance of resolving these matters to the benefit of the client.  That's why we offer a one fee for all services when defending these tickets.  Allen and his staff work diligently to ensure that Class C offenses are resolved to the client's satisfaction either through a dismissal, keeping the matter off the client's driving record or a jury trial.

Allen gives special care to his Class A (CDL) holder clients.   Our office is fully aware of the hidden issues involved when a CDL holder receives a traffic ticket including the potential for the loss of livelihood.

When we handle your citation, your case will be resolved to your satisfaction, or we'll go to trial at no additional fee.

We accept representation in the following Texas counties:  Anderson, Angelina, Cherokee, Gregg, Henderson, Nacogdoches, Rusk, Smith, Upshur, and Wood.

Our fee schedule for representation begins at $100.00 for citations within Cherokee County, $125.00 for citations within Anderson County and $150.00 for all other counties. This fee is based upon one citation / one offense.  Representation for each additional offense is $25.00 per offense.

The above fee is for attorney representation only.  Court costs and fines (if any are assessed) are in addition to our attorney's fee.

Traffic Ticket Defense